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Numerous national surveys have found that fewer and fewer people know the basics of government. Meaningful civic engagement has been replaced with narrow, partisan debates.

Engage Encinitas helps participants learn more about their County and City government. The activities & events we create include presentations, “behind the scenes tours” and other activities helping YOU become a better informed citizen.

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Engage Encinitas Citizens Academy presents “Housing…It’s Complicated”

Thursday, September 8, 6:00-7:30pm at Encinitas Library

Free Housing has been in the news a lot lately. Is it a crisis? What is affordable housing? Why don’t developers build housing most people can afford? Can government help? Why does it matter? As part of its Citizens Academy series, Engage Encinitas invites you to dig deeper into the topic of housing in Encinitas.

The discussion is not intended to be a ‘debate’ about the Ballot Measure T rather an opportunity to learn more about this complex topic. Hear from a panel of experts who will discuss what’s possible or probable, the regulatory challenges and the economic, environmental and social impacts to our city and the San Diego region.

The discussion will be moderated by USD Professor Norm Miller.  Panelist will be: Keith Harrison, Encinitas resident and real estate investor Stephen Russell, San Diego Housing Federation, Executive Director

9/12/16 Forum

Cardiff Town Council is hosting and The League of Women Voters will coordinate/moderate:

Ada Harrison School Auditorium (1508 Windsor Rd. Cardiff)

  • Monday, Sept. 12, 2016, 6pm: Council and Mayoral Candidates

Challenge: Meet 3 new people!

10/6/16 Forum

SANDAG Sales Tax Ballot Measure – Does it do Enough to Keep San Diego Moving Forward?

A forum to examine both sides of the issue is brought to you by Engage Encinitas, North County Climate Change Alliance and STAY COOL for Grandkids.

Thursday, October, 6, 5:30-7:30pm,
At Encinitas Library Community Room.

10/11/16 Forum

Leucadia-Encinitas Town Council is hosting and The League of Women Voters will coordinate/moderate:

At the Encinitas Library Community Room,

  • NEW DATE: Tue, Oct 11: Mayoral candidates*
  • Tuesday, October 18: City Council candidates

*If either candidate declines to participate the other will be invited to participate in the City Council forum.

10/13/16 Forum

Engage Encinitas is hosting and The League of Women Voters will coordinate/moderate:

At the Encinitas Library Community Room,

Thursday, October 13: For/Against Housing Element Ballot Measure

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of residents across all of Encinitas, encourage collaboration and strengthen civic engagement. We aim to build a culture of participation and get to know more of our neighbors in the process.

Who is Engage Encinitas?

We are a small group of community members looking for ways to increase civic engagement in Encinitas. We know Encinitas is full of people with passion, resources and talent who want to support their community without politics or personal agendas getting in the way.

What will we DO?

INSPIRE: Let’s share ideas about how we strengthen Encinitas! INVOLVE: Organize group volunteer efforts, community potlucks, shop local activities. INFORM: Host forums and presentations that educate and encourage a spirit of collaboration.

We know there are people who care about the community and would be interested in learning more and contributing to projects that enhance our quality of life.  We want to help make that happen but we need your help. Would you be interested in becoming a member of the steering committee to help organize events? Would you volunteer at events? If you are interested, contact us to find out more!

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Email: info@EngageEncinitas.org

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